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HUAYIN is established in year 1997 located into the National (Zhenjiang) High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Yangzhong City which is a beautiful Pearl & China Fugu Island in Yangtze River. The company is close to the Second Yangzhong Yangtze River Bridge and Taizhou Yangtze Bridge, with about 2 hours drive from Nanjing Lukou Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It holds the superior geographical location and convenient transportation.

The company covers an area of 168000 square meters, and has 146000 square meters of high-rise standardized workshop. In 2011, it was recognized by the Ministry of Land and Resources as "Demonstration Project of Saving and Intensive Land Use", and was vigorously reported & promoted by People's Daily, Xinhua Daily, People's Network and other media. The company has always been aiming at "Adapting to the market and looking beyond the world", adhering to the development concept of "Science and technology, Innovation, Environmental protection and Brand", and has been rated by the state with hornors "Abiding by contract and trustworthiness", "National high-tech enterprise", "Private science and technology enterprise", "Jiangsu famous brand product". The company has registered with the trademark of “HYTJ” in more than 20 Madrid member countries. The company has more than 200 independent intellectual property rights such as various invention and utility model patents, and its comprehensive strength ranks the top of the industry.

The company has been awarded with ISO9001 and ISO14001, and obtained the certification of chemical substances control system of Ricoh CMS in Japan. It has established provincial innovative research and development platforms such as "high-performance environmental protection special electric wire and cable, high-performance power connection line engineering technology research center, enterprise technology center, Graduate workstation" and "plug connection testing center", and has "material and structure analysis laboratory, electrical performance laboratory, physical and chemical performance laboratory, chemical substance testing and analysis room", which can carry out the routine inspection and type test in the whole process. It has carried out "production, learning and research" cooperation in the field of new environmental protection materials, high-performance electric wires and cables, which laid a solid foundation for high-quality sustainable development.

The company has always adhered to the latest international environmental protection directives and regulations such as RoHS, PAHs, Reach and CP65. It specializes in the production of environmental protection cold and wear-resistant cable materials, copper wire drawing processing, PVC / Rubber wire and cable, electronic internal wire, thermoplastic elastic cable, PV calbe, power plug, socket and others. The company has been awarded with safety certifications by more than 30 countries, including CCC in China, UL/CUL of the United States, CSA of Canada, VDE/TUV in Germany, BSI in the UK, IMQ in Italy, SEV in Switzerland, KEMA in the Netherlands, NF in France, DEMKO in Denmark, NEMKO in Norway, FIMKO in Finland, SEMKO in Sweden, CEBEC in Belgium, EAC in Russia, INMETRO in Brazil, IRAM in Argentina, SABS in South Africa, SAA in Australia, SII in Israel, PSE in Japan and KC in Korea. The products are widely used in new energy, digital engineering, electric tools, office automation, information technology, medical equipment and other industries and fields,which have been well sold all over the world.


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