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Maintenance and function of DC power cord

Release time:2018-05-25

Wrapping the DC power cable tightly around the object will cause the wire to misunderstand inside the insulator, resulting in DC power cable fatigue. Experts pointed out: "If it exceeds the natural bending of the DC power line and is too compact, it will cause fatigue in the entire DC power line, which constitutes a very misunderstanding." In other words, whether it is the wire or the insulation housing, it will be subjected to unnecessary pressure.

The DC power cable should be allowed to bend in a natural way. Although it looks a little messy, and takes up more space, but it can be useful to extend the power supply life, "the pressure of ignition caused by winding will cause the DC power line to be temporarily poor contact, or even completely damaged." Long-term force winding will cause the DC power cable to be stressed too much, resulting in both ends falling, leakage or poor contact, and then greatly affect the service life of the DC power cable."

Therefore, the most accurate way is to set aside a certain length of the DC power cord before binding, which can help reduce the infinite tension caused by 90 degrees of tight binding.

Regular maintenance can make the DC power cable can work normally. In the long run, it can also reduce the waste of power resources, save resources in the long run, and reduce a lot of expenses. If the DC power cable protection is in place within a certain range, it can make the use process smoother and will not easily fail.  

The correct protection can effectively solve the oxidation problem and insulation protection problem of DC power cord. It provides an effective guarantee for the safety performance of the use process. Careful friends in the use of DC power cord will find that the use of DC power cord for a long time will occur insulation aging. Such a situation will not only cause the waste of current, but also exist security risks, and have a certain impact on the surrounding environment. If you usually develop the good habit of maintaining the DC power cord, you can at least reduce the arrival of its insulation aging period.

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