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Ji Zhongyin, chairman of the company, donated 200,000 yuan to the charity branch

Release time:2020-07-01

Together in the unity of the good,

With the refreshing cultural atmosphere bump full of.

Proud of the prosperity of culture,

Be a good man with a good heart,

The blending of culture and goodness,

Let this stage shine,

Gwangshan culture shines here.

      On June 15, Baqiao Town held the launch ceremony of the first Guangshan Culture Festival. Sun Dongmei, Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government, Lu Guoping, Vice Chairman of the Municipal CPPCC, Lu Wanfu, President of the Municipal Charity Federation, Secretary of the Town Party Committee, Xinnian, Executive Vice Minister of the Municipal Propaganda Department, Director of the Municipal Civilization Office CAI Qiaozhen, Director of the Municipal Education Bureau, Zhou Chunyan, director of the Municipal Health Commission, He Shiping, Vice president of the Municipal Charity Federation, Guan Yongjun, Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Geng Xiaoqing, Deputy director of the Municipal Government Office, Xia Jing Tian Yiga, deputy secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the Youth League and the leaders of relevant departments, all party and government leaders of the town, Party secretaries of the villages (communities), representatives of the top 20 enterprises, organs, villages (communities), group volunteers and representatives of school teachers and students attended the launch ceremony.

The launching ceremony was held by the deputy secretary of the town Party Committee,

Mayor nominee Huang Yong presided over

At the launch ceremony, Liu Jian, principal of Baqiao Middle School

Around "Let charity into the campus, cast the brand with culture"

This theme,

This paper introduces the development of Guangshan culture in Baqiao Middle School.

Member of the provincial CPPCC, President of the town Chamber of Commerce,

Huayin Company chairman Ji Zhongyin

Donate the special fund to the town charity branch

The first start-up capital is 200,000 yuan.

Yin Bin, Director of the Municipal Education Bureau,

He Shiping, vice president of the city Charity Federation

Unveiling of the "Good Learning Building" of Baqiao Middle School

Lu Guoping, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC,

City charity Federation president Lu Wanfu

The "Guangshan Lecture Hall" of Baqiao Town was unveiled

Executive Vice Minister of the Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee,

City civilization office director CAI Qiaozhen

Awarded the flag to the Guangshan Culture Volunteer Group of Baqiao Town

Town Party secretary Si Xinnian,

Zhou Chunyan, director of the Municipal Health Commission

The letter of appointment was issued to the "Guangshan Image Ambassador" of Baqiao Town

Town Party secretary Si Xinnian said that eight Bridges will make the "wide good culture" become the source of power for "Party building, hard work and strong town", showing cultural strength and carrying cultural responsibilities. In-depth implementation of the "eight one" project, so that Guangshan become a resounding landmark, thick nostalgia; Further promote integrated development, carry out major discussions and promotion activities, and make Guangshan culture become the core resource and effective support for industrial strength, high-quality development, rural revitalization, residential environment improvement, and social governance; Vigorously carry out the practice of civilization in the new era, open the journey of seeking the roots of Guangshan culture, and make it become the spiritual motivation, ideological consensus and value pursuit of all Baqiao people!

Deputy Mayor Sun Dongmei stressed that the "good culture" of Baqiao Town has a long history. In recent years, not only the construction of a number of cultural landmarks such as Guangshan Park, but also the emergence of Huayin Company Ji Zhongyin, Limin Paper products Zhou Zhihui, hematopoietic stem cell donor Lu Yun and many other advanced examples of enthusiasm for public welfare and help the needy, "Guangshan culture" has become the collective consensus of Baqiao people. For the future development, she put forward three requirements:

First, Baqiao Town should make comprehensive efforts, take a long time for success, and continue to promote the "broad good culture"

We will carry out extensive activities such as education, poverty alleviation, and public welfare services, and create a good social atmosphere of doing good, doing good, and becoming good. We will lead industrial transformation, improvement of the living environment, villagers' self-governance, science, education, culture, and health with a "broad good culture" to promote high-quality development.

Second, all walks of life should innovate, integrate and develop, and support the promotion of a "wide good culture"

Relevant departments, the majority of enterprises and all kinds of schools at all levels do their best work, actively pass on the "Guangshan culture", carefully create a series of characteristic brands, and further enrich the connotation of "Guangshan culture".

Third, the broad masses of people should practice, serve Sangzi, and actively practice the "broad good culture"

Purify the soul with the "wide good culture", everyone participates, everyone does their best, and jointly gather a strong force for the harmonious development of society.

A self-composed "Guangshan Song",

Let the theme of good be louder,

The positive energy is stronger, and it's spreading

Baqiao Town "Guangshan Lecture Hall" the first lecture of the prologue.

At the presentation meeting,

Two rebels who assisted Hubei made reports on their advanced deeds respectively.

Hero of Hubei aid: Zhu Weiye

In the critical period of the outbreak, he entered Wuhan to rescue the injured and treated the patients with patience and warmth for 71 days. I always believe that "the doctor's benevolence, good is great love" is the need for us to practice and practice.

Hero of Hubei aid: :Xi Bai Jian

The experience of assisting Hubei is the most precious memory of my life. In this war without smoke of gunpowder, I have grasped the spirit of the new era of "great love has no frontiers and kindness", and I call on more people to participate in it and give their strength for love and kindness.

The heartfelt expressions of the pioneers in the fight against COVID-19,

The volunteers who were present were very excited.

Han Fengxuan, student of No. 8 Middle School: The so-called heroes are just ordinary bravery. In the face of the menacing epidemic, you wear white armor and guard the hope of life without turning back. You are the most beautiful rebels and the most lovely people in this era. We are the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation, in the future, I will redouble my efforts, study hard, live up to my responsibilities, and serve the motherland.


Village cadre Yin Jun: The story of the nurse who assisted Hubei touched me and inspired me. As a village leader, I will do my job well in the future with a stronger sense of responsibility, mission awareness, and sense of responsibility, serve the people well, and publicize the good culture!

After the meeting, the leaders visited

Guangshan culture and education base of No. 8 Middle School.

The first cultural festival will last 10 days,

Centering on good cultural inheritance, civilized practice,

Innovation, culture, health and other topics,

Held 8 key activities, 11 sub-activities,

The full version of the "event notice" is here

Let the Guangshan culture deeply rooted in the land of eight Bridges,

With eight Bridges "Party building leading, hard work strong town" should be the state,

Show eight Bridges, contribute eight Bridges strength

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