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How can I protect the DC power cable from damage

Release time:2018-05-25

With the increasing number of household appliances, there are more and more DC power cables used in ordinary families. Many families in the purchase of DC power cord plugs, due to measurement reasons caused by the purchase of DC power cord plugs caused a certain error, so we generally buy DC power cord will buy a little longer, if the buy is short enough may have to buy again, this will bring us some trouble. So when we buy the DC power cord, we will buy some more, and the DC power cord that is not used for a long time, protection is also a trick, today we will talk to you about how we should maintain our DC power cord in life

The DC power cord plug should be kept in a place that is not exposed to sunlight and humidity, so that the DC power cord will not corrode, and if the copper wire inside is directly exposed to the outside, it can not be used next time. There are also certain requirements for the placement of the DC power cord plug. If we do not use the DC power cord plug for the time being, we can wrap it up and tie it up. In the process of winding, the curvature of the bend cannot be too large, which will damage the copper wire inside, and even more seriously will break the copper wire inside, which will bring us very unnecessary trouble in the process of use.

If it is the plug of the DC power cord into the water, use the cloth to clean, so that the water is dry and then plug it in, the line is stained with water unnecessary panic, wipe the cloth clean on the line. Generally, the insulation of DC power cables is very good, unless there is a break. Rest assured to use.

The selection of household DC power cord is correct or not, not only directly affects the use effect and life of various household appliances, but also relates to the life and property safety of each family, so it is necessary to understand the correct selection of household DC power cord, and usually to protect the DC power cord from damage.

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